[art] poem: late

Large Saturday

From humble beginnings

I love seeing the late night

Even if it is just once in a while

Unlike the commonplace it was in youth

How schedule would change

And I would become part vampire

Steering clear of the day

Because the night was quiet

And I could find the time more useful

Sunday creeps in


And doesn't scare me

For the probable chance of sleeping in

So I spend the dark part of Sunday morning

To put away clean clothes

And tidy my space

I've got nearly a dozen books I'm reading

Strewn about

Mostly in stacks on the shelf

In some order of priority

Or in some order of popularity

There is some resemblance to the important life

Becoming more prominent

Properly situated

I've cut back on drinking for a while

I'm a flirt and I'm a double flirt while drinking

But the two days I've decided to not drink

Have been two that I have

And two that were a slow start to a new dream

A realization I'm hoping will be a reality

Of life being more life

Of truth holding it's power

Un-dissolved by triviality

And the weaker side of the night

Now calls me to repair my flesh

And succumb to the proper dreams of this hour

And tuck a sheet over my shoulder

With the window open

And the night creeping in

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