[philosophy & theology] poem 77

This is the best thing yet
And I really don't think it should have to happen twice
And maybe I'm fooling myself
Maybe it's just time to warm to the truth again
And that sounds right
And that sounds delicious
Like the meal prepared by only an Expert
Eat til you're full
And I will
I hope I will, because I know the feasting is good
And it is time for a hungry boy
To eat and realize it's a full belly

And there are sunset times
And there are early mornings
That are mine for the taking
Not for me and another
But for God and me
For only Him and I
And for the better
And not better because it's good to be "alone"
Good to be with God, yes

And I'm not done yet and neither is He
It's a long poem and a great tale
And I want it all
Even though fear haunts and drives me
But I ate with so many brave people tonight
And it is conceivable
That some of that will wear off on me
And it is conceivable that I might be partly brave
Enough to press to fight
And make it to the thick of it
And fight like a warrior

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